Thursday, July 7, 2011

2012 Switchback, Harley's New "Sport Touring" Machine To Hit The Road

Move over Drudge Report, Chrome Asylum done scooped the Powersport Media. Not a particularly difficult task, I'll grant, but nonetheless, way back on May 20th we posted an article in which we speculated that based on rumblings coming out of Harley's KC plant, as well as, off the record tips from some well placed sources that Harley was fixing to introduce a new "sport touring" machine based on Dyna rolling stock.

Well sir, some snooping on the CARB website last week (thanks Ryan) revealed that the "Swtichback", a "new model" for 2012,  had been approved for sale in California. At the moment that's all we have to go on, as photos of the actual machine are about as scarce as green jobs. We'll surely keep our eyes peeled. But rest assured the Switchback is our white whale, the one truly new machine in the line-up.

In other Motor Company related news, industry insiders are telling Chrome Asylum that Harley is once again applying the screws to dealers across the country to update their stores. Can you say "great timing" Milwaukee!? It's not like unit sales haven't been slammed for the last couple of years, with many dealers only now seeing modest increases in year over year sales. And trust me, when HD "suggests" that a dealer remodel/upgrade, it's a lot like the IRS "suggesting" you pay your taxes. Best get with the program bub, or you'll find your franchise pulled faster than you can say "you're fired!"

So what's the deal here? Speculation is that Harley wants to further cull the herd and this is one way of dropping the weak. It's no secret that the Motor Company still feels the dealer network is a little too "fat", and word on the street is So Cal is a prime target for some big time thinning. Stay tuned fellow Chromies.